Café Curtains? It’s the In Style!

Decorate your home or café windows with café curtains and give them that trendy, light and fanciful look that is otherwise impossible. Café Curtains are the in thing. People all over the modern houses or even classic houses, wishing to give their houses a modern and trendy look are going for Café curtains. Café curtains are best for the windows of your house or even your work. They are trendy, easy to handle, manage, clean and allow for a lot of light to come in, leaving the house and room illuminated which is not possible otherwise. Café curtains can be the best thing that happened to your place. They have a tendency and ability to make the place feel enlarged and spacious due to the extra sun light that comes in.

cafe curtains

Café curtains with a Valance

If you are not content with the simple Café curtains than you can use café curtains with a valance. The valance can be the of the same design and color as of the Café curtains or it can be stylized, designed and manufactured as per your likes and requirements. But mostly the valance designed with a coordinating or matching fabric and style is best suited. Such a valance will not only ensure extra privacy, styles and coordination but at the same time will keep the room illuminated. The valance comes in many forms. They can either be draped in a traditional layered style or it may be in the form of a very heavy drape. Adding a Valance gives the room a look of having full length drapery while maintaining the illumination in the room.

Café curtains for your workshop or studio

Café curtains are the best options when it comes to your professional workshop or studio where you need the extra light and spaciousness. Having heavy full length drapes in a studio or home workshop can not only be a hassle but also will reduce space which can be otherwise utilized. Having extremely thin fabricate or light colored Café curtains for your studio can be a real good idea. While on the contrary having light fabricate yet glamorous color curtains can really give life and vibrancy to your work place.

Trendy Café Curtains are the best for your kitchen and Shower

Another best place for Café curtains is definitely the kitchen. Mostly people have metal and galvanized curtains on their kitchen or shower windows. But they either stop working after sometime or give a trouble while open, closing and sliding or simply are rusted. The Café curtains when once hung do not rust or tear. They give your kitchen and shower a spacious and clean look. Where full length curtains are a hassle Café curtains are the best solution. They are easy to change and can be easily changed if you get tired of a pair. They can be made to match the settings and color of your shower and kitchen or be set in a contrast to give the places a more vivacious look.

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